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Free tips for date – (2020-08-09) 1st Bazi to 4th Bazi  

2 Digit Group 1st 4 Digit Group 2nd 4 Digit Group
9,4 No Value,8,3 No Value,89

Free tips for date – (2020-08-09) 5th Bazi to 8th Bazi

1st Group 2nd Group
9,2,5,8 2,7,5,0,8,3

Cut Number for all Satta Matka

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 0 is the official website where you can Get today final Ank fast result and  Kalyan final ank also other result very quick and fast.











14/04/20 Tue ** =2=(578-09-289)
15/04/20 Wed ** =3=(589-22-390)
16/04/20 Thu ** =5=(455-49-135)
17/04/20 Fri ** =6=(178-67-124)
18/04/20 Sat ** =8=(157-33-490)
19/04/20 Sun ** ==(-**-)
20/04/20 Mon ** =0=(140-59-599)
21/04/20 Tue ** ==(336-26-240)
22/04/20 Wed ** =6=(489-10-280)
23/04/20 Thu ** =7=(370-08-369)
24/04/20 Fri ** =1=(566-70-460)
25/04/20 Sat ** =5=(590-41-380)
26/04/20 Sun ** ==(-**-)
27/04/20 Mon ** =3=(248-40-118)
28/04/20 Tue ** =9=(180-95-366)
29/04/20 Wed ** =0=(450-97-458)
30/04/20 Thu ** =6=(160-79-568)
01/05/20 Fri ** =2=(200-28-189)
02/05/20 Sat ** =4=(259-69-469)
03/05/20 Sun ** **
04/05/20 Mon ** =3=(236-12-345)
05/05/20 Tue ** =1=(668-06-259)
06/05/20 Wed ** =4=(267-55-456)
07/05/20 Thu ** =8=(199-91-236)
08/05/20 Fri ** =4=(167-44-257)
09/05/20 Sat ** =0=(456-52-679)
10/05/20 Sun ** ==(-**-)
11/05/20 Mon ** =3=(660-21-560)
12/05/20 Tue ** =5=(137-16-178)
13/05/20 Wed ==(-**-) =6=(477-83-148)
14/05/20 Thu








            ( FINAL ANK = 1 )
           ( RESULT = — )

       🎲MAIN RATAN🎲

     ( FINAL ANK = 3 )
   ( RESULT = — )


            ( FINAL ANK = 1 )
           ( RESULT = — )

       🎲MAIN  NIGHT🎲

     ( FINAL ANK = 3 )
   ( RESULT = — )




{7}     {0}     {0}     {9}     {0}     {2}     {0}     {5

(05:00 AM)

( 06:00 PM )

{**}  [**]

{**}  [**]


(08:00 PM)

(11:00 PM)

{**}  [**]

{**}  [**]

04/02/20 Tue =7=(346-31-380) =8=(359-76-169)
05/02/20 Wed =2=(245-15-456) =6=(130-43-346)
06/02/20 Thu =8=(334-01-146) =1=(380-12-499)
07/02/20 Fri =6=(137-16-600) =3=(456-53-256)
08/02/20 Sat =2=(490-34-590) =*=(–)
09/02/20 Sun ** **
10/02/20 Mon =9=(178-64-347) =5=(236-15-348)
11/02/20 Tue =1=(500-59-144) =9=(225-92-246)
12/02/20 Wed =5=(689-37-340) =4=(490-37-115)
13/02/20 Thu =3=(700-73-346) =0=(157-39-559)
14/02/20 Fri =4=(790-69-234) =1=(580-92-390)
15/02/20 Sat =8=(139-34-789) ==(–)
16/02/20 Sun ** **
17/02/20 Mon =6=(279-85-249) =2=(567-81-137)
18/02/20 Tue =0=(388-91-560) =6=(699-43-337)
19/02/20 Wed =2=(144-96-330) =8=(350-84-158)
20/02/20 Thu =7=(235-06-466) =3=(369-84-347)
21/02/20 Fri =9=(239-41-399) =5=(250-74-789)
22/02/20 Sat =3=(244-06-330) ==(–)
23/02/20 Sun ** **
24/02/20 Mon =1=(368-74-130) =9=(590-45-780)
25/02/20 Tue =8=(199-91-137) =7=(344-12-679)
26/02/20 Wed =4=(233-80-226) =1=(579-18-189)
27/02/20 Thu =0=(345-25-140) =4=(149-40-668)
28/02/20 Fri =2=(599-39-667) =0=(200-24-257)
29/02/20 Sat =9=(169-67-368) ==(–)
01/03/20 Sun ** **
02/03/20 Mon =5=(124-71-470) =2=(248-40-190)
03/03/20 Tue =3=(458-78-260) =8=(368-72-679)
04/03/20 Wed =7=(367-62-679) =5=(344-17-700)
05/03/20 Thu =1=(–) =3=(–)

Why do we Need Money?
The necessity of knowing what you believe about money and why it is Important in life?
Most people don’t even want or try to understand what they really believe about money Final ANK is for them. For some, money is the root of all evil,(which is somehow true but not completely) to be avoided at all cost, not talked about, and demonized. People who make money are the enemy. It’s the rich against the poor world.

For some, money is everything. They’ll sacrifice their friends, family, and integrity to get it. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
For others still, money is merely a tool.
For better or for worse, our understanding of money shapes our life. And our understanding of money is often something that is passed down to us from a young age, received without a critical eye, and lived out in unseen ways. Because of this, money often rules us in ways we can’t understand, because we don’t truly understand money and the way in which it works. from our young age we have been taught that our elders are investing in us so that we can pay them back in the form of all the facilities we could provide them when we grow up and start earning.
Eventually, money is making us blind and we are running after such desire that will never be fulfilled.
There is no reason to deny that money is an important tool for us to survive in this world, money brings Shelter, food, clothes and water and these are the basic building blocks for living. In order to achieve or meet the requirement, we must have it for education, personal development and freedom.
I did a decant survey to find more about the importance of money. I asked some of my earning friends that “How much money do you need to live for the rest of your life?”
many of them were refaced and said its not important our needs for money can never be fulfilled.
It is also said that money creates Opportunity for choices, we get to choose the school we always wanted to go in, we get to afford the car we always wanted to, we get to full field the needs of our children and family we always wanted to. These things makes it difficult to find money the root of all evil. But! the greed and money for money’s sake and control can be very damaging.
I will not feel ashamed to say that money and power reveals who you really are.
Money allows us to execute our dreams. yes! it is true, with money we can start our business. it makes us to dream more and what we want to achieve in life but let us not forget the fact that ”Money does not buy happiness”.
Money is important because it enables us to have more control in our lives and we can deal with many situations and things with discipline.
It is the drive for money and lust for material goods that has left the vast population without money, the banks facing serious questions and politicians revising budgets. There are many people with my country who are capable of earning money but cannot do so because there are no jobs available, then there are the people who need to work for money but are discriminated against. With more and more people getting into debt and a closed job market it seems that the economic factors affecting people in here are drawing them into a black hole.
No matter how bad the situation seems for yourself, consider those people in need who have no access to finance. People who cannot work for one reason or another or simply cannot find work. It is in these situations that social workers have to apply themselves to ensure these unfortunate people receive a quality of life away from poverty.
Indeed it is the deprived and poverty-stricken people that launched the concept of social care originally and this has not changed
More often they would assume people requiring help from social work end up in situations where they cannot keep up with financial repayments. Whether this be through illness, inability to work, disability or an unforeseen circumstance. Many social services in local authorities offer free and confidential financial advice to those individuals experiencing difficulty with their debt repayments, including the negotiating of arrangement with creditors and ensuring that any entitlement to benefits are maximized.
There are a number of staff, known as support assistants, who specialist in this form of work in the social services sector, however the only people who qualify for this type of help are those who are involved with the community care criteria. The Citizens Advice Bureau also offer help of this nature.
The majority of funding the social services receive are budgeted for by the government and funded by taxes. Without these contributions the social services would not be able to continue their excellent work, helping and providing for those people in need. If you are looking for a career in social services you won’t be rolling in money, as the wage is not the best, however knowing you are contributing to helping others live a high quality of life can be better than any financial reward.
Over the years I’ve discovered there are four primary reasons why people need money. Sure, you can certainly take the boring, dumb view of this and say this is a stupid question. But we’re all better than that. Money is man-made. Mankind decided that we needed it, and we’ve decided they were right. Surprisingly enough though, we’ve evolved from this original decision, and individually, we need money for a few standard reasons.
To makeup for the past- You may currently have a very healthy, grounded view of money, but your past may not. Unfortunately, until your past obligations are satisfied, your past wins. These obligations come in many forms: debt, judgement, garnishments, collections, and even over-commitments to mortgages, student loans, and car loans. If you have ever said to yourself something like “I would never have paid this much for a house, if I had it to do all over again,” then you need money because of that past decision. As daunting as this realization is, it’s not the end of the world. Once you clear the past, then you can firmly form your money relationship with the present and the future. This should be your aim. Hell, it’s just how it works. It’s a process.
Money is important because it means less financial worries. … Money is important because it enables you to give back to your community, to pick the charities and causes you believe in and support them. Money is important because having money means that life is not a constant effort at keeping your head above the water.
Money is an essential commodity that helps you run your life. Exchanging goods for goods is an older practice and without any money, you cannot buy anything you wish. Money has gained its value because people are trying to save wealth for their future needs. Philosophically speaking, money cannot buy everything but practically money is the basic thing that is used for calculating the status of any person.